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Who are we......

Ladies Of The Empire Inc. is a non-profit organization that was formed by a group of women with one common passion.....The San Francisco Forty-Niners.  We found that although we were the minority (women loving football for the RIGHT reasons) we weren't alone.  We had each other.  Together we would continue to grow our bond, friendship, love and understand of the game of football.  We empower and support each other both in the game of football and game of life.  We want all women to feel comfortable loving this game.  We want women to feel ok asking that "dumb question".  We want women to like this game for the same reason men do.  It's not just about men in tight pants with rock hard bodies (don't get me wrong it's a plus).  But nobody assumes that's why men watch the game.  Why is it assumed that's the only reason women do?  Time for a change.  Our group originally formed during training camp in 2010 by Catherine, Liz and Charlene and then continued to grow through our mutual friends and social media.  We are proud to say that not only have we helped women understand football but we have helped many women and children in need.  Our product line helps us to unite one another as sisters while also helping others.  We are proud to call ourselves Ladies Of The Empire.

To join us officially please visit our website or find us on facebook